The Booth

How it all began

HoneyBird Photobooth was founded by Dallas & McKinney based wedding photographer, Ryan O’Dowd. As a photographer, Ryan is known for really entering into the wedding & reception to capture real & candid moments…he would get on the dance floor, interact with guests, and…as you probably guessed, jump into the photo booth with guests and his camera. As he did this, he began to notice something that concerned him: his couples were paying a lot of money for a photbooth that would produce sub-par photos. And he had the thought: if these booths primary function is to take and print photos…shouldn’t a photographer be at the center of the design & vision? So Ryan took that concern to action and built a photo booth from the ground up with quality photos in mind. He grabbed his studio flash, touch screen monitor, and DSLR camera (a good one…one he still uses at weddings to this day) and started building something that centered around these components. As couples fell in love with the booth, Ryan began to book his booth to more than just his wedding clients…which is why he wanted to offer it under a separate name. This is where HoneyBird was born.

The Name

where we got it

One morning, Ryan was sitting in the kitchen with his 3 year old daughter as they watched the hummingbirds come and go from the feeder they had placed outside the window. Each time a bird would come, she would flap her arms and shout out with her big joyful smile: “a honeybird!” It filled his heart with such joy to watch her enjoy the beauty of creation while trying her best to pronounce “hummingbird.”

That day, Ryan decided that he would name his photo booth company “HoneyBird Photobooth” because he hoped that this booth would bring joy, laughter, and memories to those who used it…just like his daughter when seeing the hummingbirds.